Male Enhancement in Orlando, FL

Male Enhancement in Orlando, FL

Male Enhancement

Men, are you ready to elevate the appearance and function of your penis? Penile Botox, also known as “Bocox,” provides a safe and effective solution for men looking to enjoy improved blood flow, and stronger, longer-lasting erections. This in-office, no-downtime, painless procedure can be completed in under 15 minutes with results lasting up to 6 months!


This short procedure includes just two injections into the corpus cavernosa of the penis. Penile Botox relaxes the muscles responsible for the shrinkage reflex and promotes the production of new blood vessels. Shrinkage is a common issue that often arises when exposed to cold, causing the internal penile tissues to retract into the pelvic cavity and resulting in a smaller appearance when flaccid. This is particularly true for men with a “hyperactive retraction reflex,” which can cause excessive shrinkage or complete retraction of the penis in some cases.

In a groundbreaking study with 123 participants, no adverse effects on the penis were discovered, and there were no systemic side effects. It’s worth noting that in most cases, only one treatment session is required, with effects lasting up to 6 months, demonstrating the ease and safety of this procedure. It is strongly advised to schedule follow-up treatments every 6 months.

When sexual arousal occurs, the immediate relaxation of smooth muscles helps to facilitate a strong erection. Botox injections not only improve the strength of erections but also enhance blood flow and increase both volume and rigidity within the penis. This effective treatment leads to sustained and satisfying erections during sexual activity. The benefits of Penile Botox extend beyond treating erectile dysfunction. These injections can increase both the length and girth of the penis, giving men more confidence and comfort in intimate situations. Additionally, men experiencing testicular pain, penis shrinkage, or dissatisfaction with their sexual health can find relief and improvement through this treatment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone is responsible for maintaining a healthy libido as well as regulating energy levels, strength, and muscle mass. Read more about Hormone Replacement Therapy here. 

Peptide Therapy. The peptide PT-141 helps treat sexual dysfunction and low libido in men. PT-141 works on the nervous system by activating neurons in the brain’s hypothalamus to increase sexual desire. It also enhances mood and elevates sexual gratification. Read more about PT-141 here.

ED Medications. In addition, many of our clients enjoy further favorable results when Penile Botox is combined with ED medications. Erectile Dysfunction medications support the benefits of the “Bocox” treatment by increasing blood flow to the penis. Read more about ED Medications here.

Endura Shot. Commonly referred to as the P-shot, this treatment involves using a client’s blood to derive platelet-rich plasma that is then injected into the penis. A single treatment can produce results that last between 12 and 18 months and may include relief from erectile dysfunction, increased libido, increased sexual stamina, and increased blood circulation to the penis, among other benefits. Read more about the Endura Shot here.

It is important to identify suitable candidates for Penile Botox Injections. Men who have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, desire stronger erections, or feel self-conscious about their sexual health are ideal candidates. Additionally, those who experience embarrassment or dissatisfaction with the size of their penis can benefit from this treatment.

Several studies have shown that Botulinum Toxin injections can effectively treat erectile dysfunction, with success rates of over 50% in severe cases and even higher in milder instances.

Following Penile Botox Injections, men can swiftly return to their regular activities as there is minimal downtime associated with the procedure. However, it is recommended to avoid intercourse for 24 hours after the injection to support optimal recovery and effectiveness.

Penile Botox injections provide a safe and minimally invasive solution for men looking to improve erectile function and enhance their sexual health and satisfaction.

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At Aluma Wellness, we believe every man should enjoy a healthy, well-functioning sex life. We are experts in natural sexual enhancement and we are proud to offer an effective and natural way to optimize sexual health and satisfaction.

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