Female Sexual Health in Orlando, FL

Female Sexual Health in Orlando, FL

Female Sexual Health and Treatment Options

If you often find yourself saying, “Not tonight, honey,” you will be relieved to hear that there are several treatments available to restore a healthy libido, improve vaginal dryness, and eliminate any discomfort associated with intercourse. For an estimated 43% of menopausal women, low libido is the #1 complaint. A low libido deprives women of having the sexual health necessary for a long and satisfying sex life.

Low Libido

Production of the testosterone hormone that fuels sexual desire naturally decreases with age. Starting as early as your 30s, decreasing testosterone creates a decrease in sexual desire. (Yes, women produce testosterone! Testosterone Replacement Therapy may be one treatment option to explore.)

Unfortunately, low libido may occur for reasons other than menopause: stress, diet, illness, and medication may inhibit libido at any age.

Treatments for Healthier, Happier Sex

At Aluma Wellness, we offer simple treatments that will perk up libido once again. Won’t it be awesome when “Not tonight, honey” becomes “Let’s do it again!”
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PRP: The V-Shot

If you’ve been longing for stronger and more frequent orgasms, improved clitoral stimulation, and a heightened sex drive, the V-Shot could be the answer. The V-Shot uses a client’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from a blood draw which is injected into the vaginal walls and around the clitoris. Read more about how the V-Shot works here.
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Peptide Therapy

PT-141 is a widely used Peptide Therapy that stimulates the central nervous system and is an effective treatment for women with (HSDD) hypoactive sexual desire disorder. This unique peptide increases sexual thoughts and feeling along with increased clitoral sensitivity and vaginal lubrication. Our clients who use PT-141 have reported incredibly satisfying results. PT-141 is not a stand-alone treatment for post-menopausal women with low sex hormones and should be used in addition to hormone replacement therapy. Read more about Hormone Therapy for Women here.

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Topical Creams

Increasing desire and pleasure during sex can often be as simple as using a topical cream. Often referred to as libido-enhancing creams, topical creams work by increasing blood flow to the clitoral area. The cream is usually applied 15-30 minutes before sexual activity to increase sensitivity and arousal. Our clients have had great success using our very own carefully compounded “Bliss Cream.”


Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) is an FDA approved treatment which has been used for decades in the successful treatment of multiple autoimmune conditions as well as malignancies. It works by removing portions of the plasma component of the blood. Multiple studies have now shown that TPE can also have an Impact on aging and age-related pathologies, such as dementia. The reason for this comes down to the actual issues that drive aging. One such (major) issue that occurs as we age is the accumulation of dysfunctional, inflammatory proteins. These proteins promote an undesirable cellular environment. As this progresses, cell and tissue damage increases and multiple age-related pathologies begin manifesting. The good news is that from a clinical perspective, we now have protocols in place to incorporate TPE as a therapeutic tool to help fight aging and age-related complications.

TPE allows for the safe removal of a large portion of these unwanted proteins. In effect, it produces a temporary dilution of the plasma component of the blood, allowing the body to create new, functional proteins. It is why when we talk about TPE as it relates to aging, it is often referred to as plasma dilution therapy. A single treatment may remove up to 70% of the old plasma component portion. In doing so, we are producing a reset of sorts at the cellular level. Additionally, TPE is often integrated in with other longevity focused treatment approaches.

During this safe, 2-3 hour therapy, small amounts of blood are gradually removed through an inserted needle or central line catheter and circulated through a machine that separates blood into its component red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma. The plasma portion of the blood containing dysfunctional proteins, autoantibodies and other molecules is removed rapidly and discarded. Replacement fluids and albumin are then combined with the patient’s red cells white blood cells and platelets and returned to the body.

One or two Therapeutic Plasma Treatments per year is recommended for healthy individuals looking to incorporate TPE as a tool to help fight aging and age-related complications. For patients with autoimmune and advanced age-related conditions, several TPE treatments are advised.

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A healthy sex life decreases stress and heart disease while increasing happiness and a sense of well-being. A consultation with a Aluma Wellness specialist can help you determine your best option for restoring a rich and satisfying sex life.



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